Shell EcoSafe® line of Industrial Products

Shell is pleased to introduce the new expanded range of premium industrial lubricants to new and existing customers, including the Shell EcoSafe® line of polyalkylene glycol (PAG) based, fire-resistant fluids.

For more than 40 years, American Chemical Technologies has been supplying gamechanging, PAG-based fluids, water glycols, other premium synthetic industrial lubricants and value-adding technical services. In December 2019, ACT’s assets, intellectual property, technology, products and manufacturing facilities in Fowlerville, Michigan, and Bowling Green, Kentucky, became part of Shell and its wider business.

With the new asset acquisition you will have access to a more comprehensive portfolio of value adding hydraulic and turbine fluids designed to provide outstanding performance and protection in extreme operating conditions. The extensive Shell EcoSafe® portfolio also includes an extended range of compressors, gear oils, greases, environmentally acceptable lubricants and water-glycols.

To learn more about this new line of Shell EcoSafe® Industrial Products, please contact your RILCO sales representative.


STORAGE Good storage practice is critical for reducing expensive downtime. Keeping containers horizontal, indoors, and at the right temperature are the three key elements of proper storage. REGULAR MONITORING Routine monitoring alerts you to wear and tear or loose seals, both of which could cause a stoppage if left unchecked and cause expensive downtime for…
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Maintaining HD Antifreeze/Coolants

With the invent of organic acid technology (OAT) life-of-the- engine coolants, maintenance of antifreeze/coolant can often take a backseat to other fluids. While OAT coolants have allowed for less maintenance, that doesn’t mean that one should ignore their coolant system completely. After all, 40% of engine problems originate in the cooling system! Let’s review the…
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Testing Extended Life Coolants (ELC)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard coolant marketers, OEMs and customers alike say, “There’s no need to test the coolant. We use an ELC.” Extended life coolants, or ELCs, are designed to be more stable, require no supplemental coolant inhibitors and last longer than conventional coolants. However, that doesn’t eliminate the need…
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Are you getting a fair & accurate quote?

Apples to apples and apples to oranges. Are you getting a fair and accurate quote? All too often we see a fellow lubricants supplier inaccurately or unfairly cross reference products for a quote, but what should a proper quote consist of? This is all very dependent upon the end user's goals and needs. The truly…
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Top 5 Questions to ask your Oil Vendor

Apples to apples and apples to oranges. All too often we see fellow lubricants suppliers inaccurately or unfairly cross reference products for a quote, but what should a proper quote consist of? What are the top questions you should be asking your oil vendor to make sure you are getting the best oil to suit…
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Diesel Force Maintenance Program: The key to a clean diesel engine

Rilco is proud to announce that it has partnered up with Diesel Force™ to offer a new Diesel Maintenance Program. The Diesel Force™ Diesel Maintenance System is a revolutionary comprehensive engine cleaning system designed exclusively for diesel engines equipped with modern emissions systems. When used at regular maintenance intervals, the system will increase power and…
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