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Maintaining HD Antifreeze/Coolants

With the invent of organic acid technology (OAT) life-of-the- engine coolants, maintenance of antifreeze/coolant can often take a backseat to other fluids. While OAT coolants have allowed for less maintenance, that doesn’t mean that one should ignore their coolant system completely. After all, 40% of engine problems originate in the cooling system! Let’s review the…
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Testing Extended Life Coolants (ELC)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard coolant marketers, OEMs and customers alike say, “There’s no need to test the coolant. We use an ELC.” Extended life coolants, or ELCs, are designed to be more stable, require no supplemental coolant inhibitors and last longer than conventional coolants. However, that doesn’t eliminate the need…
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Are you getting a fair & accurate quote?

Apples to apples and apples to oranges. Are you getting a fair and accurate quote? All too often we see a fellow lubricants supplier inaccurately or unfairly cross reference products for a quote, but what should a proper quote consist of? This is all very dependent upon the end user's goals and needs. The truly…
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Top 5 Questions to ask your Oil Vendor

Apples to apples and apples to oranges. All too often we see fellow lubricants suppliers inaccurately or unfairly cross reference products for a quote, but what should a proper quote consist of? What are the top questions you should be asking your oil vendor to make sure you are getting the best oil to suit…
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Diesel Force Maintenance Program: The key to a clean diesel engine

Rilco is proud to announce that it has partnered up with Diesel Force™ to offer a new Diesel Maintenance Program. The Diesel Force™ Diesel Maintenance System is a revolutionary comprehensive engine cleaning system designed exclusively for diesel engines equipped with modern emissions systems. When used at regular maintenance intervals, the system will increase power and…
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Tec-Clean Hand Sanitizer available now.

Tec-Clean hand sanitizer is now available from RILCO, Inc. Tec-Clean is fast, effective and kills 99.99% of most illness causing germs. CDC recommends washing hands with soap and water whenever possible because hand washing reduces the amounts of all types of germs and chemicals on hands. But if soap and water are not available, using…
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Oil Drum Storage: Best Practices

“What are the best practices for storing and handling oil drums?” Oil drum storage should be indoors away from potential contamination. This would include dust, humidity from process steam and wash down areas. Do not keep oil drums on the factory floor or in the machine shop. Contaminants like metalworking or welding particles and production…
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