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Hydraulic Additives

Filtration is critical for most hydraulic systems, but so are the vital additives in your hydraulic oil. Sometimes, filters can restrain these additives and end up reducing the oil’s effectiveness. The optimal solution is to minimize the need for filtration in the first place. The Shell Tellus range, such as the S4 VE, is specifically…
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Removing Oil Contaminants

It’s not realistic to assume that someone can remove all contaminants from their oil. Every step cleaner requires a greater maintenance cost, either with better equipment or more time and labor. So, before you start working in one direction, you need to establish the required cleanliness level (RCL) to optimize those costs. The RCL is…
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Is your plant heating up? Mechanical IR can help!

One of the most under-utilized and overlooked reliability tools we see in a lot of our plants we partner with is Mechanical Infrared (IR). This is an exceptional technology for assets and critical components that aren't a good fit or easily accessible for a vibration analysis program. Here are some examples of Mechanical IR and…
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ALL OILS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL We know you expect a lot from your engine oil, so at Shell, we routinely collect and test our own oils as well as our competitor’s oils (competitor benchmarking). We do this to understand potential product shortcomings for future designs as well as to validate performance. Recently, Shell ran an industry standard test, the…
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Predictive Maintenance can save you costly repairs.

Did you know that running a piece of equipment to the point of failure could cost up to 10 times as much as a regular maintenance program would? A Predictive Maintenance plan can help. (, 2018). Predictive maintenance, which is aimed at reducing the likelihood of failures and, as a result, avoid costly downtime and…
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Shell Gadus S3 V160CP is a reliable multi-purpose grease intended for fleet and mild industrial applications where water resistance, load carrying, and mechanical stability are required. The product is formulated with high-quality mineral oils and performance additives that enhance load carrying, wear performance, oxidation, and corrosion protection. Gadus S3 V160CP is certified by the NLGI…
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Shell EcoSafe® line of Industrial Products

Shell is pleased to introduce the new expanded range of premium industrial lubricants to new and existing customers, including the Shell EcoSafe® line of polyalkylene glycol (PAG) based, fire-resistant fluids.

For more than 40 years, American Chemical Technologies has been supplying gamechanging, PAG-based fluids, water glycols, other premium synthetic industrial lubricants and value-adding technical services. In December 2019, ACT’s assets, intellectual property, technology, products and manufacturing facilities in Fowlerville, Michigan, and Bowling Green, Kentucky, became part of Shell and its wider business.

With the new asset acquisition you will have access to a more comprehensive portfolio of value adding hydraulic and turbine fluids designed to provide outstanding performance and protection in extreme operating conditions. The extensive Shell EcoSafe® portfolio also includes an extended range of compressors, gear oils, greases, environmentally acceptable lubricants and water-glycols.

To learn more about this new line of Shell EcoSafe® Industrial Products, please contact your RILCO sales representative.