How your company can screen for COVID-19

There’s no doubt that from today forward, we’ll be looking at infectious diseases differently. Rilco’s RPMs division has assisted several customer sites with validating and developing an emergency scanning protocol utilizing thermal cameras to identify individuals entering the plant with a suspected EBT (Elevated body Temperature) as a precautionary screening method for COVID-19 & INFLUENZA. 

In the short term, EBT is one of the few tools we have on top of social distancing, & isolation to slow the spread of COVID-19. In the future, we should expect to see an increased use of EBT systems to reduce the impact to our customers & workforces. 

RPMs is here to help setup an emergency program or assist in developing a more permanent solution after we move past the current pandemic. 

If you would like to contact RPMs to learn more about EBT scanning or their other services, click here.

Stay Strong. Stay Healthy. RILCO is here to help.

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