Diesel Force Maintenance Program: The key to a clean diesel engine

Rilco is proud to announce that it has partnered up with Diesel Force™ to offer a new Diesel Maintenance Program. The Diesel Force™ Diesel Maintenance System is a revolutionary comprehensive engine cleaning system designed exclusively for diesel engines equipped with modern emissions systems. When used at regular maintenance intervals, the system will increase power and fuel mileage while decreasing unscheduled maintenance due to emission system failures.

Performed with regular maintenance, this program will significantly reduce the need for regeneration and eliminate emissions system component failures. Replacing EGR valves, EGR coolers, VGTs and DPFs will become a thing of the past.

The Revolutionary EGR System Cleaner steals the show with unbelievable results! This unique solvent-free product is formulated to safely dissolve carbon buildup on contact. It is designed to restore your diesel engine back to factory conditions.

Rapidly expanding high volume foam is delivered simultaneously into the intake and exhaust side of the engine with our patented Diesel Force™ equipment. Buildup is removed from the inner surfaces and passageways of the induction system and all major emissions system components.


The Diesel Force™ Maintenance Program is a revolutionary cleaning system designed exclusively for diesel engines equipped with modern emissions systems. Powerful products work together for comprehensive cleaning results. This program will significantly reduce filter regeneration and emissions system component failures.


  • Decreases unscheduled down-time
  • Significantly reduces replacement part costs
  • Increase engine life

Stop Replacing EGR valves, EGR coolers, VGTs, and DPFs. Maintain them with Diesel Force



To learn more about Diesel Force and their products, visit their website here.

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