The condition of your lubricant sustains your machinery and ensures optimal equipment performance. To that end, RILCO ascertains contamination levels, wear rates and lubricant characteristics. Our Condition Monitoring oil analysis programs recognize that predictive maintenance is a vital component of your daily operation, and our goal is to make condition monitoring as convenient and cost-effective for you as possible.

Our completely self-contained, ready-to-use Oil Analysis Kit will get you started — easily, effectively, and economically. With this ready-to-use kit you can begin an oil analysis condition monitoring program today. RILCO’s unique capabilities assist in:

  • Reducing maintenance and operating costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Virtually eliminate unexpected downtime
  • boosting your bottom line

We can provide oil analysis for commercial, automotive and industrial sectors. Let us take the guess work out of your oil analysis program. To learn more, contact us today!

Test DataBasicBasic w/LEMStandardPremiumAircraftAircraft PremiumMetal Working
Evacuated Viscosity
Water %XXXRefrige.XXX
Water PPMX
Fuel DilutionEngineXEngine
Soot by LEMXEngine
TANNatural GasXX
OxidationNatural GasNatural Gas
NitrationNatural GasNatural Gas
Particle CountIndustrial
ISO Cleanliness CodeIndustrial
% SolidsX
% ChlorineX
% SulfurX
% FatX

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