Oil Reclamation Program

Oil Reclamation Program
Don’t let contamination shorten the life of your fluid or equipment. Circulating and hydraulic oils are designed to carry contaminants back to the oil reservoir where they are allowed to settle. Over time, the lubricant may become overloaded with contaminants, but there may be no sign of any physical or chemical degradation in the lubricant itself.

Our Oil Reclamation program effectively removes harmful contaminants to help maintain fluid performance, increase oil change intervals, and reduce component failure.

  • Remove solid particles
  • Remove free and emulsified water
  • Refortify additives such as demulsifiers and anti-foamants
  • Adjust viscosity

This chart illustrates the types of improvement you’ll see in oil properties gained through our oil reclamation program

Water, PPM145342
Sediment by Centrifuge, Vol% 0.1Nil
Particle Count, ISO 2/5/1522/20/1917/15/13
Demulsibility at 130°F (D1401) - Oil/Water/Cuff, ml10/15/5541/39/0
Separation Time, min60+25
RBOT, minutes (D 2272)180475

Your benefits:

  • Increased equipment life and reliability
  • Reduced lubricant consumption
  • Reduced disposal and replacement costs
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Documentation and certification


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