Parts WasherRILCO Fluid Care provides “Product In-Product Out” parts washer services that uses virgin, contaminate-free product and ends the generation of hazardous waste solvents. Used solvents are placed in an USEPA approved method for the reuse as an ingredient in the manufacturing of a product. 40CFR SEC. 261.2(e)

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  • Customer Owned Machine Services (COMS)
  • Service Terms of 2,4,6,8,12 and 16 weeks

Product In - Product Out Program

RILCO Fluid Care (RFC) provides parts washer services for manufacturing and the vehicle maintenance and repair industries. We service our parts washers each time using fresh, new solvents. Never recycled. That means you’ll get the full strength you depend on for getting quick, clean results. No residues!

As always RFC is concerned about the environment. We have brought our customers the best method of product reuse for the solvents generated from the parts washer operations; Product In — Product Out. This innovative approach offers significant waste minimization opportunities to our clients while providing beneficial reuse of a product. The Product In — Product Out Progiram is a use / reuse program that offers a second use, or reuse opportunity that eliminates the used material from regulation as a waste by substituting this spent solvent for virgin solvent in a manufacturing process. The used solvent becomes a manufacturing ingredient “as is” without processing or incineration.

RFC maintains strict control over the materials that are managed in the Product In —Product Out Program. We do a quality assurance analysis on the used solvent feed stock. Updated analyses are performed on a routine basis to confirm that the end use chemical specifications are being met. Any solvents containing hazardous wastes, such as chlorinated materials, are unsuitable for the program.

The Product In — Product Out Program is based upon a legitimate material reuse exemption provided by federal RCRA hazardous waste regulations (40CFR261.2(e)) and complies with the applicable USEPA guidelines and policy regarding the reuse of used materials. Records are maintained at RFC to document the legitimate reuse of the used solvents in the reuse program. Each shipment is documented by a shipping bill of lading. Exclusion from regulation as a waste exempts the reuse products from waste manifesting requirements. Eliminating the disposal of used solvents can be included as part of the waste reduction program in your company’s waste minimization plan.

As required by federal regulation for chemical reuse activities, RFC maintains a “Material Determination and Exemption Documentation” policy statement at the facility located in Rock Island, Illinois. Getting into the reuse program required RFC to overcome many hurdles in satisfying the chemical end user requirements for quality control. We have spent time, money, and effort to gain this benefit for our customers.

Once the materials are bulked and sampled at our transfer facility, the used solvent is transported to a chemical manufacturer which bulks and prepares the shipment for the end user. The end user, a Fortune 500 company, uses the materials “as is “ in the production of building material compounds.

We strive to make improvements in our services to better serve the needs of our customers. The Product In — Product Out program is another way of showing our continuing effort to provide innovative services to our customers while providing benefits from the value of used products.

In addition to our parts washer services, RFC collects and processes used oils, oily waters, and antifreeze. Our environmentally conscience staff can also assist in the disposal of industrial wastes. All TDSF facilities are audited by RFC for regulatory compliance and have USEPA permits.

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