Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

RFC’s predictive maintenance & field reliability management division addresses lubrication and industrial plant related predictive maintenance needs.  RFC helps our customers discover equipment that is in a pre-failure mode to help convert unscheduled maintenance to scheduled maintenance and prevent downtime.  RFC also helps with root cause analysis of failures, then partners with those customers to prevent future failures before they become costly.

RFC is dedicated to being a partner with our customers, providing exceptional value, offering the highest quality products & services, and lowering daily operating costs with increased machine uptime and efficiency.  At RFC, we provide a synergy of technologies; combining vibration, oil analysis, infrared thermography, ultrasonic leak detection, and more to maximize our customer’s value under one provider.

Vibration Start-up

RFC is dedicated to being an integrated partner with our customer’s maintenance and reliability departments.  Along with our data collection and data analysis services, RFC offers start up programs to help our customers that want to develop an in-house program.  RFC can provide a program designed to help your new program off the ground or reinvigorate an inefficient vibration analysis program. RFC’s PdM team ensures proper setup and collection intervals for a successful program. This can be an immediate startup or a transitioned program with handoff to your in-house team.

Vibration Date Collection

Rilco Fluid Care offers data collection services as part of our vibration analysis services. RFC PdM Technicians are trained on collection best practices that lead to consistent and accurate measurements, which are the foundation of robust vibration analysis & PdM programs.  All of our RFC PdM Technicians maintain current OSHA, MSHA, Site specific, and various other safety certifications to ensure we move through your facility effectively, efficiently, and safely.

Vibration Data Analysis

Strong analysis is a cornerstone of what helps differentiate our vibration analysis program. Focusing on the use of trending and historical reference from our data collection, RFC helps our customer’s maintenance and reliability teams in identifying changes in asset health before they negatively impact production and create unscheduled downtime.  RFC uses SKF’s latest data collection equipment and analysis software to provide the highest quality data possible, allowing better trending and better data driven decisions.

Infrared Thermography

Utilizing the latest in Infrared (IR) Thermography technology and analysis software from FLIR, RFC provides our customers with an extremely effective diagnosis and identification tool.  IR is extremely effective at identifying premature electrical failures before they become costly downtime or worse.  RFC also provides IR services tailored to building inspections, mechanical inspections, steam trap surveys, and more.  RFC can use infrared thermography in conjunction with our Vibration Data Collection services for a more in depth snapshot of your asset health.

Oil Analysis Program

RFC tailors an oil analysis program to ensure a longer life out of your asset and better performance from your lubricants.  RFC utilizes a variety of test parameters depending on our customer’s applications to develop an oil program tailored exactly to their needs. Combined with RFC’s extensive oil knowledge and background, our oil analysis programs are second to none.

Additional Service:
Steam Trap Survey

Using Thermal Imaging and Ultrasonic Leak Detection technologies RFC can help to identify malfunctioning steam traps. Identification & replacement of failed and underperforming steam traps can be one of the most impactful cost savings through PdM at a customer’s facility.

Motor & Circuit Analysis

Utilizing the latest motor testing equipment from SKF (formerly Baker Instruments), RFC can perform non-destructive online and offline testing.   RFC utilizes these units to provide some of the most in-depth insight into motor health available in the market next to a complete physical teardown.

Ultrasonic Leak Detection

RFC utilizes Ultrasonic Leak Detection (UL) to find costly and dangerous leaks in liquid and gas systems.  This has proven extremely successful in reducing compressor runtime and load from our customer’s air systems. UL is also very effective at ensuring proper lubrication. RFC can use UL in conjunction with your oil program to ensure proper lubrication to ensure maximum asset life. Argon & compressed oxygen leaks are also prevented by regular UL inspections, typically providing significant cost savings when uncovered and fixed.

Ballbar Analysis

RFC utilizes Renishaw’s precision Ballbar Analysis System to ensure proper runout and tolerances on our customers’ machining centers.   Ballbar analysis can be used to help ensure parts are accurate the first time, reduces scrap costs, as well as reducing unnecessary downtime.  Routine Ballbar Analysis helps to implement a data driven predictive maintenance program that provide helps increase performance and drive increase quality control efforts and standards.

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