Private Label Lubricants

Privatized Label Lubricants

Private label lubricants are the leading growth segment in the retail class of trade, accounting for over and estimated 20% of the total motor oil sales in North America.
Rilco can help you increase your sales and grow your profits with its private label packaging and custom blending services division. Private labeling is more than putting your company’s name and logo on a product. It is a presentation of your company, your identity, and your reputation. The products that you choose to private label should meet the same high standards you set for your company.
With the right private label program, you have the opportunity to differentiate your products from off-the-shelf products that can be purchased nearly everywhere from anyone, where the only way to compete is on price. Private label products are available only from your company and give your customers a reason to return for repeat orders.
We can maximize your in-store / after-market product’s presence and profits by offering:

  • Professionally designed bottles, labels, cartons, and signage
  • Sales and dealer training
  • Dealer (direct drop) shipping - to help avoid the cost and hassles of warehousing lubricants
  • Global distribution programs
  • Industries widest breadth of product offerings
  • Increase name and brand visibility
  • Customer loyalty

We provide profit-maximizing private labeling systems designed to beat the competition in the marketplace. RILCO is an expert on how to make visual identity sell. RILCO’s branding specialists offer in-house custom label design services as well as support in the registry and certification of industry specifications. With packaging that projects high quality at a competitive price, your private brand can compete with any lubricant in the market today.

Add Dollars To Your Bottom Line

Build customer loyalty by providing them with your own exclusive brand of lubricants. RILCO can help you create privatized lubricant products that not only offer you the opportunity to differentiate your business from your competitors, but also build on your company’s trusted name.

  • Increase sales and yield higher profits
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Set your own pricing strategy
  • Take control of stock inventory or have RILCO coordinate shipping / receiving to your customer base
  • Guarantee the highest quality to your customers

Free Consultative Services

RILCO will even help you select the best product portfolio for your company. Our value-added consulting services include:

  • Advertising programs
  • Product data sheets
  • MSDS programs

Packaging and Lab Capabilities

RILCO offers turnkey packaging capabilities - we have the size and packaging you want. (See our entire product range on page 5 of this brochure). RILCO can work with any unique product request you may have.

RILCO has the ability to ship you products world-wide in a variety of sizes and packaging that ranges from small bottles (3.2oz. - Quarts, Gallons, 2.5 Gallon, 5 Gallon), to totes, bulk truck, or rail car quantities. Rilco can accommodate any special sized containers you may need.
RILCO has a comprehensive in-house lab to monitor the quality of your product to guarantee consistency to you, your customers, and to industry specifications. At RILCO, we have the technological capabilities to help you maintain a world-class reputation for your company’s product performance. RILCO’s specialists can help to customize fluid technologies to the specific lubrication and performance needs of your engines and equipment to generate unparalleled results.

Sales Training & Marketing Tools

Our industry professionals offer on-site technology, industry, and marketing seminars to support your aftermarket and retail objectives. Seminars include basic to advanced lubricants training, up-to-date industry trends and analysis, as well as designing the marketing and support material you desire to support your brands. We will custom design programs to fit your specific needs.

Oil Analysis Program

In many cases you already provide your customers with high-quality lubricants, or you manufacture equipment. You may also provide them with a top-tier service plan or warranty program. A key provision of such a program is a high-quality private label oil analysis program. RILCO has been providing such programs to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for many years. We provide analytical services to your customers, with us as your back room technical support.
The benefits include:

  • High-quality ISO 9001 certified company
  • Timely high-quality periodic testing and electronic data reporting - with your letterhead and contact information provided

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