Since its beginning in 1999, RFC (Rilco Fluid Care) has grown to be one of the region’s largest independent environmental waste management and predictive maintenance companies in the Midwest.
We have the expertise to safely and economically provide a wide variety of integrated solutions and services to a wide variety of industries.
RFC, in addition to its preventative maintenance division, collects and processes oil, oil related materials, solvents and certain chemicals for beneficial reuse including waste oil and oil/water mixtures. We provide the pick up and transportation of bulk and drum wastes. All materials are recycled for beneficial reuse.

On-Site Regulatory Assistance Programs

Our professional service organization is focused on the customer: delivering high quality equipment backed by regulatory-trained service representatives. Our services include up to date computerized waste tracking management programs.

As a customer, you can rely on RFC to maintain regulatory compliance in our operations and services. This means we have the system in place and the comprehensive environmental liability insurance to back them up. Moreover, customers are encouraged to call with questions regarding compliance activities that may impact their facility or employees. Written plans and employee training are available.

  • Spill Prevention Contingency and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC Plans)
  • Storm Water Pollution/Prevention Plans (SWP3)
  • Environmental Audits and Awareness Training

Hazardous Waste Management Services

RFC has partnered with licensed and certified final treatment facilities. RFC personnel have the expertise to manage the disposal of industrial and automotive wastes including waste solvents, metal bearing sludge, caustics, acids, and paint waste.

  • Sampling and analysis
  • Universal and CESQG waste collection
  • Hazardous waste approvals & certification
  • Turn-key administrative services

Non-Hazardous Waste Management Collection & Services

RFC personnel have the expertise to manage the disposal of non-hazardous industrial and automotive wastes including (but not limited to) oily water, used oil, used oil filter, used antifreeze, used coolant, sludge & more.

Vacuum Truck

Industrial Programs provided by RFC offer vacuum truck services for the removal of solids, liquids, and sludge from the bottom of drains, pits, and sumps. We also collect used oil from industrial and automotive repair facilities.

  • Regularly scheduled collections
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • 40 HazWoper and Confined Space Trained

Confined Space Cleaning

RFC is a certified and licensed confined space cleaning company. Employees have been trained to meet the requirements for OSHA confined space entry. Our employees will bring all the necessary equipment to meet regulatory requirements. Confined space cleaning consists of:

  • Tanks
  • Enclosed Vessels
  • Pits

Oil Reclamation

RFC Oil Reclamation is a three part process. Stages include, vacuum dehydration, filtration, and rare earth magnet. Vacuum dehydration is designed to remove all tramp water from your oil. Filtration will clean oil to a customer approved cleanliness level. Rare Earth Magnet services will remove all metallic foreign objects from oil. Oil analysis will be done pre and post reclamation to verify the cleanliness level of your oil. Oil reclamation services can be performed on or off site at RILCO.

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