Keeping Your Farm Equipment Working

Keeping your farming equipment properly maintained is extremely important this time of year. Not only does it extend the life of the equipment but it reduces downtime due to repairs.

Dependable, durable lubricants are essential for equipment that works on demanding terrain in changing weather. RILCO, and our partners want to supply you smarter, more efficient lubrication solutions that will help your business grow.

Effective lubrication is often undervalued on farms and its benefits are not understood. As a result, equipment breakdowns can be a frequent part of day-to-day life, which is particularly frustrating and costly during the busiest periods in the farming calendar. Ensuring equipment is always working at peak performance will become increasingly important as the sustainable agenda becomes ever pressing.

Extensive research carried out by Shell has shown that 68% of those surveyed say maximising the lifespan of existing equipment is a priority, while 77% recognise that effective maintenance can lead to cost savings. However, 41% often experience equipment breakdown due to ineffective lubrication, while 42% admit that lubrication is rarely a priority. A further 57% admit they didn’t realise effective lubrication leads to shorter periods of downtime3 - highlighting a real knowledge gap in this area.

But there is a solution. Shell Lubricant Solutions has the people and expertise to help farmers increase their knowledge of lubricants. This goes hand-in-hand with an impressive product portfolio that is proven to extend equipment life, reduce fuel consumption and extend oil drain interval. This enables farmers to play their part in meeting the UN’s sustainable farming targets.

By using the right combination of lubricants together, companies can improve vehicle and equipment productivity. Lubricant costs can be as little as 1-2% of total maintenance cost but optimizing lubricant use across all operations can save 30% of operating costs.

To learn more about how RILCO & Shell can help out with your agriculture equipment contact your local RILCO sales representative.

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Source: Shell Oil

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