Ratman Bushwacker

The following is a testimonial from an actual RILCO employee using Ratman Bushwacher premix fuel. Spring yard work has always followed the same trajectory at our household. Excitement & elation as everything becomes greener, warmer, and sunnier….That is, until it’s time to fire up all the yard work equipment. It’s the same battle each year,…
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Farming Equipment damages from weather

The Midwest weather can change from one extreme to the next. Freezing cold, hail, relentless rain, and scorching dry spells can not only impact the land but it can have lasting effects on your farming equipment that can lead to permanent damage. These effects can bring your farming business to a screeching halt and usually at the worst time.

Shell Industrial Business Development Manager Jeremy Strausbaugh explains how weather and environment can impact bearings on your farm equipment, which can lead to equipment failure and downtime.

The longer your grease lasts, the longer your components last, and the less lubrication maintenance for your farming equipment. With a full product range of Shell Gadus greases, Shell Lubricants can help you select the grease to best meet your needs.

High-quality planned maintenance and lubricants that keep equipment in peak operating condition is the best way to get the highest possible performance out of your farming equipment. The right combination of these factors can significantly reduce wear-and-tear and prevent corrosion, which in turn can save a farm from a broken-down vehicle and lost time and money.

When it comes to equipment that is used more frequently, and static machinery that runs daily, maintenance is even more crucial. For farming equipment that is customized to fit into specific building types or serve a specific purpose - replacing these assets can lead to enormous expense. In short, farmers need agricultural machinery that runs effectively and efficiently on any terrain, come rain or shine. Longevity is critical, as is availability. Your local RILCO sales representative work with you to find the lubricant solutions to best keep your equipment running season after season.

To get more information about Shell Gadus and other vital products contact your local RILCO sales representative. Info@rilcoinc.com

Wear & Contaminant Metals

Oil analysis remains the best tool in the predictive maintenance toolbox for the early detection of wear problems. Wear metal and wear particle levels will begin to increase well before your equipment exhibits symptoms, such as vibration, temperature or noise. This chart gives you a quick reference that identifies what wear metals, and contaminant metals…
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Viscosity Grading System

This chart is designed to allow users to determine whether or not lubricants will have similar viscosities.  If you are used to working with one set of standards and suddenly get another thrown at you, this chart can provide a point of reference.  Just read it horizontally.  For example, an ISO 680 lubricant will have…
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How your company can screen for COVID-19

There’s no doubt that from today forward, we’ll be looking at infectious diseases differently. Rilco’s RPMs division has assisted several customer sites with validating and developing an emergency scanning protocol utilizing thermal cameras to identify individuals entering the plant with a suspected EBT (Elevated body Temperature) as a precautionary screening method for COVID-19 & INFLUENZA.  In the short…
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BUYING THE WRONG COOLANT FILTER (SCA-charged or blank)Using the wrong filter in your trucks can cost you anywhere between $16,000 - $40,000 (in-frame overhaul or replacement). Additionally, approximately 35% of fleet trucks’ engine failures are coolant related. In a recent survey, Power Systems Research found that nearly 80% of medium and large fleets are using…
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New SP Motor Oil Standard Coming in May to Eke out More Engine Efficiency

Friction is the enemy of efficiency. At least that’s the case in internal combustion engines. That's why oil is such an important ingredient to the longevity of an engine’s life, as well as its performance during that life. It’s the lubricant that reduces wear and friction in critical areas, allowing the engine to even run…
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