The following is a testimonial from an actual RILCO employee using Ratman Bushwacher premix fuel.

Spring yard work has always followed the same trajectory at our household. Excitement & elation as everything becomes greener, warmer, and sunnier….That is, until it’s time to fire up all the yard work equipment.

It’s the same battle each year, my two-stroke equipment won’t start. It’s usually a carburetor that’s gummed up or a fuel line that been eaten away by poor quality fuel. Then its off to the local hardware store and hopefully get in the queue and hopefully get my equipment back before the neighbors start giving me dirty looks.

ratman-bushwackerExcept this year...everything has started. No carburetor failures, no melted fuel lines, no clogs, bogs or issues of any sort, thanks to Ratman Bushwacker.

Last fall, I started running a premixed fuel in all of my 2-strokes. Specifically, the Ratman Bushwhacker 50:1 &

40:1, which is a product line for Renegade Racing Fuels.

Ratman Bushwhacker premix fuel is a specialty fuel developed with the lawn care industry in mind. This premixed product is not only an affordable premix fuel, but also offers quality that can’t be found at the pump. Use of this product will reduce maintenance cost and increase time in service of all of the 2 stroke power equipment it is used in. Bushwhacker utilizes race fuel technology along with premium HP synthetic 2 stroke oil to give your power equipment a performance edge.

No mixing, no measuring, no mess. Just quality fuel, perfectly mixed & designed to keep your equipment ready to go. I started with the small quart containers, but will be picking up pail soon as the yard work continues to grow.

Ratman Bushwhacker is the real deal and we carry it in a variety of sizes for personal at home use to pails & 55 gallon drums for commercial use at Rilco.

If you’re in one of the flowing business this product is a must have;

  • Construction
  • Small engine repair shop
  • Lawn Care
  • Equipment Rental
  • Tree Trimming
  • Fire Department (*Discounts Available for first responders)

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