Shell Gadus S3 V160CP is a reliable multi-purpose grease intended for fleet and mild industrial applications where water resistance, load carrying, and mechanical stability are required. The product is formulated with high-quality mineral oils and performance additives that enhance load carrying, wear performance, oxidation, and corrosion protection. Gadus S3 V160CP is certified by the NLGI for fleet and automotive applications where GC-LB certified products are required. Attached is a supporting guide to Gadus products for Fleet applications. New SKU's available include:

  • Gadus S3 V160CP 2_10*0.4kg_NAMD
  • Gadus S3 V160CP 2_1*18kg_NAMD
  • Gadus S3 V160CP 2_1*50kg WL_NAMD
  • Gadus S3 V160CP 2_1*180kg WL_NAMD
  • Bulk and Tote SKU’s available on request

Click here to download the fleet grease sheet

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